The commercial area and warehouses is a construction business to rent or sell space. These spaces or units can be used for offices, medical centers and retail shopping centers, among others. Projects vary in size and scale.

Smaller projects are like makeovers and rebranding, they go into commercial construction. These projects are the updating of interior design and image, taking an old and obsolete space and giving it a new image. Image building is usually fresh paint, new modern flooring, and technology upgrades.

When a commercial building or warehouse complex gets older, it can be difficult to keep it in top condition. Although the structure looks good, it is likely that it needs maintenance. Or perhaps a company has been doing very well and has grown and needs to re-accommodate additional staff. When a company needs to expand, redesign, or restructure, remodeling focuses on being profitable.

We offer full service, internal operations such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Office
  • Storage facilities
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Public Restrooms
  • ADA compliance
  • Public Centers
  • Churches
  • Retail